Implant Supported Dentures

If you are suffering with multiple broken, abscessed or missing teeth there are three options for replacement:

-Traditional Removable Dentures

-Implant Supported Dentures(Snap in Dentures)

-Implant Supported Bridges(Fixed permanent teeth)


DenturesĀ are the most basic way to replace missing teeth, however there are a number of drawbacks. Although aesthetically pleasing, the dentures sit on the gums for support. Over time, since there are no teeth present, the jawbone begins to shrink. The shrinking jawbone leads to bone loss, receding gums and change the shape and profile of your face.

Dentures often need to be resized as this shrinkage continues throughout your lifetime. The constant rubbing or friction from the dentures causes and accelerates this bone loss.

An alternative to traditional dentures is the Implant Supported DentureĀ also known as the snap in denture. A number of dental implants are placed in the jawbone and act to stimulate the jawbone preventing further shrinkage. The denture is removed for regular cleanings and maintenance daily without the need to use dental adhesives or worry about embarrassment of the dentures moving.

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