Digital Technology

All of our locations are equipped with the most up to date digital technology to enhance your patient experience and provide the most accurate and aesthetic results. We have our iTero digital scanner replacing the old goop and gag impressions to provide the most detailed impression, on site milling machine for creating same day implant crowns, digital x-rays for accurate diagnosis and lower radiation exposure, and high definition intra-oral photography to aid in treatment planning and achieving the best customized cosmetic result.


In the old days of taking impressions, a goopy impression material was placed in the patient’s mouth and allowed to set for about 5 minutes. The days of goopy impression materials are now gone.  All three of our office locations in Bowmanville, Whitby and Brooklin proudly use one of the most advanced 3D oral scanners on the market to take a digital impression of the patient’s teeth and bite. This new technology uses a radiation-free laser to scan the teeth.The end result is a better fitting and more accurate restoration. This technology can also be used for scanning crowns, bridges, dental implants and Invisalign invisible braces cases.​

The digital scan is a perfect duplicate of your mouth, which is sent electronically to the lab and ceramic technician so that a precise fitting restoration is made. We are proud to be one of a select few practices in Canada that has adopted the iTero digital impression technology system. There is no exta cost for this service as we think it provides the best result for all our cases!

  • Eliminate the uncomfortable patient experience of traditional impressions
  • Utilize advanced digital technology to maximize the fit of restorations
  • Achieve superior fitting prosthetics with little or no adjustments
  • Enjoy increased patient satisfaction
  • Realize improved clinical results

Digital X-Rays

At all our Durham dental implant locations we use digital x-rays as they are superior to the traditional film x-rays in many ways. Digital x-rays require significantly lower patient radiation exposure and are digitally processed without the use of environmentally damaging chemicals. These films can be processed in a fraction of the time of traditional x-rays meaning less chair time for our patients. At our office we are able to display your digital x-rays in the operatory on our large TV screens and explain all our findings and plans for treatment.

Milling Machine

Our offices are equipped with the advanced E4D milling machine that work in harmony with our digital scanner impressions to allow us to personally design a customized SAME DAY crown on site. The same day we place our implant we can digitally scan it and provide an immediate custom crown all in one visit. For those aesthetic areas like front teeth this CAD (computer aided design) technology for creating an immediate digitally designed and milled crown is unparalleled.

High Definition intra-oral photography

Our offices use a high-resolution intra-oral camera to take photos of your mouth and teeth. These images are essential in diagnosis, treatment planning and achieving the desired aesthetic result. With this tool the patient can easily participate in the aesthetic planning of their personalized smile design.